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 Series: Professional keywords series
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K2390 .R628 2014
Series: Human rights and crimes against humanity
JV6344 .B43 2014
Series: Routledge research in human rights law
"The Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), which was adopted unanimously by the United Nations General Assembly in 1989, marked a turning point in the perception of children in international law and policy. Although it was hoped that the Convention would have a significant and positive impact on the lives of all children, this has not happened in many parts of the world. This edited volume, based on empirical research and Non-Governmental project data, explores the progress of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, and to a lesser extent, the African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child, in nine African countries in the 25 years since it was adopted by the UN General Assembly. The book considers the implementation of the Convention both in terms of policy and practice, and its impact on the lived experiences of children in societies across the continent, focusing on specific themes such as HIV/AIDS, education and disability, child labour, witchcraft stigmatisation, armed conflict and religion. The book breaks new ground in blending legal and social perspectives of the experiences of children, and identifies concrete ways forward for the better implementation of the CRC treaty in the various political contexts that exist in Africa. This book will be useful to students and researchers of law, childhood studies, social policy and African studies"
KF8896 .C5284 2013
KF1250 .A24 2013 [Third edition]
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K5000 .D83 2014
"Can states adopt protectionist cultural policies? What are the limits, if any, to state intervention in cultural matters? A wide variety of cultural policies may interfere with foreign investments, and a tension therefore exists between the cultural policies of the host state and investment treaty provisions. In some cases, foreign investors have claimed that cultural policies have negatively affected their investments, thereby amounting to a breach of the relevant investment treaty. This study maps the relevant investor-state arbitrations concerning cultural elements and shows that arbitrators have increasingly taken cultural concerns into consideration in deciding cases brought before them, eventually contributing to the coalescence of general principles of law demanding the protection of cultural heritage."
K3791 .V33 2014
Series: Election law, politics, and theory
[Third edition]
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KF3464 .M62
 Series: Law, justice, and power
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K5104 .N68 2014
K115 .L56 2014
[Second edition]
Sponsor: ABA Section of Real Property, Trust & Estate Law
KF750.A2 I575 2014
[Second edition]
KF3821 .H4352
  "In 2006, Hiroshi Motomura published Americans in Waiting, an authoritative legal history of how immigrants to America became citizens. That book focused on how the legal pathways to citizenship evolved over time. In Immigration Outside the Law, he turns his attention to the more fraught issue of illegal immigration to the United States, which has become one of the most controversial political and social issues in contemporary America. The book revolves around two basic questions. First, what explains today's intense disagreements about immigration outside the law? And second, what should we as a nation do about it? After beginning the book with a discussion of a landmark Supreme Court case--Plyler v. Doe (1982), which held that children have a constitutional right to attend public elementary and secondary schools even if they are in the United States unlawfully--he offers a reasoned and a careful discussion of what illegal immigration actually is and how the state (federal, state, and local) deal with it. He then looks at the ways in which unauthorized immigrants are becoming part of American society. In the final section of the book, Motomura focuses on durable and politically viable solutions to the problem in three public policy areas: international economic development, domestic economic policy, and educational policy."
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KF2979 .N56 2002
KF8732 .S88 2008
KF8984 .E23 2001 [Fourth edition]
HG173 .G44 2014
Series: Intellectual property
KF390.5 .C6 N56222
Series: Civil procedure in Europe
KJE3926 .L39 2004
KB78 .G66 2014
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K2400 .J46 2014
Series: Routledge research in EU law
KJE5461 .M66 2014
KF537 .S73 2014
KF8961 .I45 2014
[Third edition]
"This new edition continues to serve as a primary research guide to the laws and legal literature of Mexico. The work concentrates on federal legislation, organized into 48 subject sections, each containing an introduction, an outline of main law (listing titles, chapters and sections in English), and four subsections listing laws, regulations, periodical literature and books. The emphasis is on English-language primary and secondary materials. Also includes a guide to finding Mexican law on the Internet."
"This book provides a concise and accessible guide to modern jurisprudence, offering an examination of the major theories and systematic discussion of themes such as legality and justice. It gives readers a better understanding of the rival viewpoints by exploring the historical developments which give modern thinking its distinctive shape, and placing law in its political context. A key feature of the book is that readers are not simply presented with opposing theories, but are guided through the rival standpoints on the basis of a coherent line of reflection from which an overall sense of the subject can be gained. Chapters on Hart, Fuller, Rawls, Dworkin and Finnis take the reader systematically through the terrain of modern legal philosophy, tracing the issues back to fundamental questions of philosophy, and indicating lines of criticism that build to a fresh and original perspective on the subject."
K230.C69 A35 2014
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"Tim Alan Garrison [editor] is a professor of History at Portland State University."
KF8205 .O97 2014
Series: Constitutional thinking
KF4550 .F545 2014
"Public health, safety and access to reasonably priced medicine are common policy goals of pharmaceutical regulations. As both the context for innovation and competitive structure change, industry actors dynamically challenge the balance between the incentive for protection and the achievement of those policy goals. Considering the arguments from the perspectives of innovation, competition law and patent law, this book explores the difficult question of balancing protection with access, highlighting the difficulties in harmonization and coordination. The contributors to this book, including academics, judges and practitioners from Europe, the US and Japan, explore to what extent patent strategies and life-cycle management practices take advantage of patent laws and health-care regulation and disrupt the necessary balance between incentives for innovation and access to affordable medicine and health care. Addressing fundamental questions in the field of pharmaceutical innovation, this book will appeal to scholars and practitioners in intellectual property, competition law and life sciences regulation, as well as pharmaceutical companies and regulators."
K1519.D78 P53 2013
  Series: Pocketbooks of the Hague Academy of International Law
KZ1266 .R45 2013
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KF9779 .R46 1987
[June 2014 release of the Second Edition, in three volumes]
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KF1380.A15 B75
K3601 .R525 2014
KF8947.5 .O73
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Publisher's page for this title here
KF300 .S29 2014

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KF9619.85 .I87 2014
KF390.A4 F752 2014
KF3775.Z9 F56 2014
KF1262 .S67 2014
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KF8841 .S654 2014
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KF801 .H525 2014

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